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Our Dwelling Place!

Well as most of you know, we left for Haiti about 3 weeks ago now. It feels so good to be here and be getting back into the swing of things. It was really hard to leave our friends and family this time, but as soon as we landed in Haiti we were reminded that we are in the right place and God has a plan for us here.

The first week we were back was filled with moving into our new place and getting ready for a wedding of our two good friends: Chris and Grace (which was beautiful).

Last time we were here we had a lot of requests to do a blog with pictures of where we live, but we never got around to it. So we thought we would take the time to show you via pictures where and how we live. Just a little bit of background, we live with 3 of our really good friends here: Grace, Chris and Rusty. We have 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a beautiful kitchen. We are loving living where we do and feel so blessed to have this home to share.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


This is what our house looks like from the road. We have a giant gate because the first floor of our house is actually a warehouse for a bottling factory down the road.


We have a nice little porch in the front we can sit on and feel the rare cool breezes that come our way!


This is the walkway we follow along the side of the house that leads to stairs up to our main entrance.


This is the sturdy ladder that Phil built so we can get up onto the roof of our house.


View from the rooftop


Another view from the rooftop


This is the larger of our two bathrooms… don’t you love the blue toilet and sink? And our amazing shower curtain of course…


When you come to visit us this is the room you will stay in.. our “guest room”


One half of mine and Phil’s bedroom


Our bed with our awesome mosquito net.. best 30 bucks ever spent!


Our stove and our “refrigerator” for now.. until we get our power situation figured out


Our beautiful kitchen with lots of counter and cupboard space!

2 thoughts on “Our Dwelling Place!

  1. Hi Phil and Angela.

    Looks like you’re settling in quite well. When you get a chance, may I ask for the best way to connect with you. I’d like to chat more regarding our endeavour to bring a group or two from work to help you out.

    John Procek

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