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Exit Behaviour

Our time back in Canada is almost up!  It has truly been a blur-  a relaxing, exciting, adventurous blur full of family, friends, nature, (and work of course!)
I suppose its only fair to keep you updated on what we did while we were back (and to subtly show our American friends how awesome and beautiful Canada is)

We went fishing at Angela’s parents farm-


We found a private campsite on a peaceful river in Algonquin Park – Just the two of us!

Somebody had been craving sushi for three months- So we ate lots of it…too much maybe…

We had a new appreciation for nature and all things green-  So we took time to enjoy it


And took time to admire our surroundings – even while we were at work


We went to celebrations with family and made the most of every minute we had with them


We went “Roughing it” camping with our friends!



Waking up extra early to experience the sunrise


And after that trip, we went camping again  (legit “roughing it”)


And ate gourmet foods, while enjoying the million dollar view

Mail Attachment

We encountered ancient creatures from another world


And wore our battle scars with pride


Overall – This has been one amazing summer, and the idea of going back to Haiti in a few days is even harder to wrap our heads around.  We look forward to seeing our friends that we left in May, but it doesn’t make leaving our group in Canada any easier!
Thanks to everyone who has encouraged us in so many different ways, everything from invites over for coffee to talk about what God is doing in Haiti, emails and letters of encouragement, phone calls, and financial help so we can continue to do this thing we call “Life” where we believe Jesus is asking us to do it.

Phil & Angela

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