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Voodoo and Hand Man

Voodoo is a very prevalent belief system in Haiti. We find ourselves constantly fighting beliefs that have been engrained in the Haitian people for years. People are terrified of Voodoo curses and tend to seek healing from Voodoo priests before they seek healing from our clinic in Jubilee.

Enter Hand Man:


IMG_3083 (1024x768)

This middle aged man came into the clinic two weeks ago complaining of extreme hand swelling as you can see from the pictures his hand was so swollen and painful he was unable to move his fingers and it looked the skin was ready to burst open. He told us he was poked by a nail on the palm of his hand.

We started poking away trying to find the golden pocket of puss that we could drain to release this awful pressure. We poked and poked about 8 times but couldn’t find any puss to drain. We gave him a shot of high dose antibiotics, pain meds, wrapped his hand up and told him to come back the next day.

The next day he returns and the swelling has travelled halfway up to his elbow, we poke and poke and yet still nothing comes out. We are frustrated that we are unable to relieve the horrible pressure.

We ask him how this happened again, quite a crazy infection from a nail poke. This time he goes into detail. It was a voodoo thing, Someone had something against him and took a nail to a voodoo priest and had some sort of poison put on this nail. This person placed the nail our patients saddle where he would grab it to get on. Our patient got poked by the nail and it started to swell after he was poked.

Keziah explained the story to her class and every one of the students thought of him as dead because nothing is stronger than voodoo… What a scary way to live your life, with a belief in something so scary with no good God stronger than Voodoo..

We prayed over this man in clinic, we prayed that God would reveal himself as stronger than this Voodoo because we know that He is! He is stronger than anything in this world.

The next day Hand Man came back and the swelling had reached his elbow we made the decision to send him to a hospital in Port-au-Prince for an I&D. Since then he has returned and he is looking good. The hand is still draining and the swelling has gone down. He smiles a huge smile at us every time he comes into clinic.  We will continue to see him and change his bandages for a while until it completely heals.

God is Good!


One thought on “Voodoo and Hand Man

  1. This guys hand looks so painful.Crazy awful how he got to this situation.I am so very comforted by the knowledge that Christ is Lord over every situation . It is so sad that humans can hurt each other so intentionally and malicously. Keeping all of the Much team surrounded with prayer. love ya

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