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Success Story!!

Ok so this is such a cool story. Today I FINALLY sat down to write about baby Sacha, the one who had the maggots. I got halfway through my previous post and had to put my computer away for a bit to deal with some April fools fooling..

During the fooling I got a call from Keziah who was in Jubilee at the clinc with baby Sacha and her mom. They had been released from the hospital in Port-au- Prince today and were at our clinic for a dressing change. She asked me to come to the clinic and check out the baby’s head to see how it compared to before.

I was so excited to hear that she was alive I hopped on the back to our moto and Phil and I drove like maniacs to see her.

We got to the clinic and Sacha still had the bandage around her head but she looked so happy and healthy compared to the last time I had seen her.  She smiled at me and she gripped our fingers as we talked with her. She looked like she had put on weight instead of loosing it.. I was starting to get more excited.

I unwrapped the bandage covering her beautiful head and was amazed at what I saw. The hole that was there previously was completely gone and in its place a small patch of healthy skin. THANK YOU LORD!!

After we had wrapped her head up and told her momma when to come to clinic next I just sat dumbfounded at what I had seen. A miracle. A miracle that a little girl with maggots burrowed through her skull seemed perfectly fine 3 weeks later. I sat and cried because –how good is our God! All the questions and anger I shot at him the weeks before and here He was saying- It was in My hands. I am Bigger, I am stronger. I held her the whole way through.

photo taken by April

photo taken by April

2 thoughts on “Success Story!!

  1. So glad for them! Read the maggot post and cried. Thank you for sharing this update! Take care you two 🙂

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