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Quality Control

When you live in a country that is filled with plumbing that is held together by wire and duct tape it is difficult to prioritize needs.  I find it equally difficult to fight the desire to “get er done” quickly by myself.  I didn’t just come here to fix all of Haiti’s plumbing woes, I came here to love others and build relationships-  What I’m beginning to realize is you can love others, build relationships, and fix some plumbing woes at the same time.  In every crowd of people that watch you while you’re working there is always someone that comes forward and says “hey!  Teach me how I can do that!”

Today we learned how to:
Make material lists-


Cut pipe and glue fittings-


How to be professional while working in the same room as the customers-


And how to leave the jobsite cleaner than when we arrived-


3 thoughts on “Quality Control

  1. How cool! Looks like the cutest customers in the world! Good work Phil, all great lessons from a great teacher.

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