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Nursing Assistant Class


The past 3 weeks while my friend Keziah was away visiting Nicaragua I had the opportunity to teach her nursing assistant class. So every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was able to spend time teaching the students. We learned about objective and subjective data, documentation, critical thinking, how to make an unoccupied hospital bed and an occupied hospital bed, how to do bed baths and we started learning how to take vital signs just before Keziah came back.



The students that graduate from this nursing assistant class will have the knowledge to work in hospitals, clinics and care privately for patients in Haiti. The clinic in Jubilee employs two amazing graduates from the nursing class currently.


The class is quite affordable – it costs 5 Haitian dollars a week, which equals out to about 60 cents a week. The students in this class for the most part take their schooling very seriously, and are excited to be gaining knowledge.


My favorite day by far was the day I taught Keziah’s advanced class to start IV’s on each other. When the nursing students originally heard they were going to be trying IV’s out on each other they were terrified to say the least. As the class went on they became comfortable with the idea and some of the students offered to be stuck two or three times to assist in their classmates learning. Out of 12 people in the class 11 of them were able to get the IV catheter into a vein on their first try!! I was soo impressed!

The students enjoyed the class so much that this Tuesday we will be practicing again for those who weren’t able to be there last time.


 I have pictures from the class but they are on a friend’s camera so I will upload them as soon as I get them.




3 thoughts on “Nursing Assistant Class

  1. WOW!!! Ang and Phil, amazing how far Goad has brought you.
    Blessings to you, and wow what a blessing you are to the people in Haiti

  2. So much fun! I’m so glad you got to be teaching as well as doing hands on. What an awesome experience. I feel horrible for that one nurse who didn’t get her IV start, couldn’t someone else have missed too? She’ll get the hang of it, you tell her that from me.

    • HaHa Hope! I know I felt bad for her too! I will let her know that you say she will get it, it will mean a lot to her I am sure! -Ang

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