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Relationships and pipes

I’m glad that I love plumbing because my “To do” list has grown exponentially ever since the word got out that a plumber from Canada was coming to stay in Haiti for three months.

Last week I had the pleasure of performing a secret plumbing overhaul for the house of nurse(s) extraordinaire Keziah and Grace.  The girls had to leave the country for a short period of time and asked me if I could take a look at their kitchen sink while they were away because it didn’t drain.  When I arrived I found bits a pieces of what used to be a sink drain held together by Justin Beiber Duct Tape (its even cooler than it sounds)  I fixed the drain on the sink (after a friend of mine had to slaughter 5 cockroaches that were inhabiting the sink) and decided to look around at what else could be fixed.  After much deliberation and hours spent in the local hardware stores communicating in an odd dialect called Crenglish (a mash-up of choppy Creole and English words) The apartment had a flushing toilet, a sink in their bathroom, a shower head, and kitchen sink that drains.

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023


It is satisfying to help those who ask for nothing for themselves and give everything they have away to others.




One thought on “Relationships and pipes

  1. Good work Phil! I’m sure there’s more of a story with those cockroaches. What an awesome gift to give someone, I bet they were pumped! Also, pick up some Justin Beiber duct tape on your way back to Canada.

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