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No Small Thing

I have been meaning to share this story for a couple weeks now and struggled with the idea because well, I guess I was being somewhat selfish. It was such an awesome thing to me but I thought to others it may look like such a small and insignificant thing.

But God has been showing me how much I grow when others share stories of his love and faithfulness. So here goes…

The day started out as an early one, sipping coffee and spending some time doing one of my favorite things, talking with momma K. This lady has so much wisdom and loves to share that wisdom with us. We had been talking about conversing and asking God even about the small things in life and knowing that he would provide. She told me some really cool stories about God providing in small ways and acknowledging the fact that He was answering prayer.

I started really digging into my life and wondering if I include Him in the small things.  I include him in the big things, the things that I know I will never be able to get through on my own. But what about those small things!?

I started feeling like “Umm Hey God, how come I don’t have those cool stories of the little things you have done in my life?”

And you probably already know the answer.. “I can’t give you what you don’t ask for”

And further, are my eyes really open to the small things that he has done?

So that morning I prayed long and hard for my eyes to be opened and for God to be included in the small and big things of my life.

Fast forward to 4 in the afternoon. Phil and I are walking back to the big house from the orphanage after doing some check-ups. We were chatting about his sandals and how the rubber sole on the right foot of his Birkenstocks is almost completely off. We consider asking his mom to bring a pair up with her when she visits. Phil says maybe he could get the pair fixed here and I jokingly tell him they would probably fix it with a piece of a car tire. As I finish that sentence I look at the ground and there is a sole of a shoe..

Now you have to understand that as we walk the streets here there is garbage  everywhere so it is not really uncommon to see a sole of a shoe, I probably see 20 every time I walk somewhere.

But I stop and take a look at this sole because something is different about it, I recognize the pattern. I pick it up and it is a Birkenstock sole. I turn to Phil and say hey look at this. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was the same size as your shoe?

Hang on it’s the right sole.. the one that is falling off of your shoe

As phil holds it to the bottom of the shoe we both see at the same time that it is the perfect fit.

Now to some people this may be a crazy coincidence. To me it was God saying I do care about the small things in your life. Include me in those things and I will show you ways I am walking with you that you never even imagined.


Photo taken by Tyler Caruso

I love that God cares enough to take a sole of a shoe and put it on a dirty, dusty road in Haiti to show me that He loves me and wants to be involved in every part of my life.


8 thoughts on “No Small Thing

  1. That was such an amazing testimony of our amazing God! And this is how He works when you step out in faith – the adventures are daily! You are in our prayers, Robin

    • Thank you Robin! We really feel and see your prayers here. He has been opening our eyes to some amazing things and opening some really BIG doors!

  2. God IS SO FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!! And Loves us so much,Glory to Him who gives so freely.From “in-law” Linda,love you ,praying for you.

  3. When I consider all the things in life that might bring a smile, there is nothing that compares or moves me more than seeing a young friend share the experiences that increase her faith. May The Lord encourage you as He has certainly used you…to encouraged me.

    Remain steadfast in His grip.

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