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Welcome to Gonaives

Well, after a year of planning we are finally here- in Gonaives sitting outside of our room writing this blog while the evening breeze cools us down.

The trip to get here was semi smooth- our flight was canceled 24 hours before our planned departure because of the huge snow storm that hit boston and all the places in between- we managed to get a last minute flight that connected in Atlanta which put us in haiti about 20 minutes later than we originally planned.  When we arrived in Port au prince we were greeted by a haitian man who is asked by our friends (outside of the airport) to help us get passed the mob of men who were generously offering to carry our bags (for a small fee)

We reunited with the missionaries we stayed with last year when we went on the trip with my in-laws for their 25th wedding anniversary.  On our way back to the house which is about 100km from port au prince we stopped in at Dorothys infant rescue!  If you aren’t familiar with her- check out some of the previous posts and you’ll be sure to find a link to her blog.  We got to meet all of the great kids who were jumping around on the swing set and playing in the yard.  We got the privilege of picking up a little girl named Lovena who is very special to the nurses in jubilee.  She was brought to the infant rescue several months ago because of her inability to gain weight-  we have seen her progress on Keziah’s blog (click here) gaining weight in every update.  It was an even bigger surprise to see her chubby little cheeks for the first time!  Lovenas grandmother, aunts and siblings met us late at night in Jubilee and we were able to experience the laughter and celebrations of her family as the nurses handed her back to the people that love her.


Today we were determined to go into the market place and purchase a bed locally.  It was quite the experience – a haitian friend of the brooks’ (missionaries) came along with us to make sure that we purchased our beds for a fair price-    Typically the price doubles if you are a white person who lives in haiti – and I can imagine the price would triple when they see a couple of pasty white canadians rolling into town.  Luckily we were given a fair price after a couple minutes of negotiations and awkward silent moments.  The grand total for 2 twin mattresses and two twin box springs was 3500 GDS  I am still not 100% sure that the beds are new- in fact I am quite sure that they have a few miles on them already – luckily we purchased twin mattress covers in canada before we left-

-here is a basic breakdown of GDS to American $ –


Tomorrow we go to the village of Jubilee to see how much progress has happened in the last year.  We have been told there has been construction of several small homes and Angela will be helping Keziah in the medical clinic and Angela has been asked to teach the nursing assistants about IV’s and how to put them in.  Art (my father in law) and I have been going over some of the plumbing that needs to be done at the brooks’ house- we are starting with installing another water reservoir on the roof that will use gravity to supply a few showers and boost the water supply at the kitchen sink.


All in all we are very happy to be here and we have been spoiled with our own room, beds, (a dresser on the way) and live in a house full of people that are crazy passionate about what they are doing who are willing to share their experience about what God has done in their lives and in haiti-


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Gonaives

  1. So happy to hear that everything has been going relatively smoothly and that you are safe! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. You guys are so inspiring 🙂


  2. Hi guys the blog is a great read and the pic’s are wonderful to see. Lovena does look good and healthy. Hurray for everyone. It looks like Phil is being eaten by a great big druppie. I wish to be there so badly to!! Blessings I hope the IV lessons go well. You have a gift for showing and explaining things clearly and thankfully Kez can translate but you will only need a translator for a sort time right!! Could you introduce me to the guy in blue in the picture helping Phil. He is looking wonderful to me. Miss you all love Marsh

  3. Hey guys! I can’t believe you’re already in the swing of things and it sounds wonderful so far. I’m so excited about your jobs and can’t wait to hear the progress. You go Ange! IV’s are your specialty, you’ve got the art of it. I’m so pumped for this blog, it’s so much fun to hear about your day!

  4. Glad to hear you guys got there safe and are settling in. It’s great to see the pictures of what you are working on. Funny seeing construction work being done is shorts this time of year.

  5. It’s awesome when we’re obedient to the things of God,He blesses us so much. I pray His covering over ALL of you,love you..Linda White

  6. Wow guys sounds likes things are really about to kickoff for you. I’m very happy to hear that you are there safe and have your own room. I’m sure that will be a real treat when u just need a quiet moment to yourself. Praying for you both every day.

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