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We’re all in

I discovered a really cool idea from a clean water mission called Charity:Water (click here)–  it’s called the “100% Model”  on their website they quote- “ALWAYS USE 100% OF PUBLIC DONATIONS TO FUND CLEAN WATER PROJECTS”

What an incredible idea!  I often became frustrated when I would donate to a large organization just to find out that only a percentage went to the actual person or cause I was donating to.  Don’t get me wrong- money for administration is essential- but it was still discouraging.

So when Angela and I discussed our trip we decided to follow the 100% model.  We would cover all of the administrative costs that go along with living in a different country for three months and anyone who donated could decide where their money would go.  Some people have asked to donate to the feeding program in jubilee, others have interests in construction, some have donated money and medical supplies for healthcare, someone has purchased our plane tickets, and some have asked that we take a break and buy a coke once in awhile!  We feel truly blessed to have SO many people in our lives that care SO much about what is going on in haiti, and we feel honoured that so many would trust us with their financial investments for Gods Kingdom.  We have had so much support in these last few weeks and it is incredibly encouraging.  It is another confirmation that this is where God wants us right now.

There has still been one thing that we continue to struggle with ever since God has laid Haiti on our hearts-  Time-  Why three months?  At first we said we would go for three months because it just sounded like the right amount of time- based on nothing really.  God has been working on us to surrender our efforts and simply have faith in Him for our future.  I have the tenancy to want to take charge of my future and make sure that I have a fall back plan in case things don’t work out.  God has been showing me that my “fall back plan” is a lack of faith and is the very thing that is keeping me from a closer relationship with Him.  Did Jesus ask the four fishermen “Follow me- but keep your boats and fishing gear as a fall back plan incase this disciple thing isn’t for you”?  This week we cancelled all of our plans for our return so that we can focus on the work ahead of us.  We are fully giving our future over to God- and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Luke 5:11 NLV-  When they came to land with their boats, they left everything and followed Jesus.

Have you ever/do you currently feel God is asking you to surrender your plans and “simply” have faith in Him for your future?  Tell me about it!


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