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Over a month has passed since my last post- I am going to go ahead and blame it on recent changes in our lives rather than my own short comings.  It has been a month since we made the last minute decision to move into our best friend/cousins house to accommodate my aunt and uncle who are graciously renting our house while we are in haiti.

We were a little worried when we first moved in with our friends- after all I had lived with my cousin on two separate occasions- both scenarios ended with us being either financially ruined and hungry, or wanting to strangle one another when character flaws become an elephant in the room. So we decided on the first hour of the first day of cohabitation that we could have one week to tell each other anything that was bothering us-  The first week proved successful, and we have been enjoying our living arrangement very much.

We have a little over two weeks left until we start to migrate towards southern ontario-        stopping in at our relatives saying one last “Good bye suckers-  Enjoy the weather!”  (totally kidding)

Our plans for our trip are moving ahead slowly but surely- we were asked if we would be willing to spend a few weeks at the Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue (click here) giving Dorothy any help we can provide as well as doing plumbing odds and end where it is needed.  Dorothy helps children with all kinds of medical backgrounds; I think it will be a great fit for Angela and her nursing skills.  We are so excited that we are going to meet so many amazing people doing so many amazing things- it will surely be an eye opener for us.

We will be working closely with an american man who lives in haiti permanently who is eagerly seeking property so he can build and operate a trade school for men who are looking for a practical trade to support their families.  His hopes are that the facility will be equipped to teach electrical, welding, mechanics, computer tech, and plumbing!  I have purchased basic, intermediate, and advanced plumbing text books to take along with us for this future school.

I was looking on Google Earth and I found the exact area in Gonaives where the school and medical clinic are- check it out!  (click here)   The building on the bottom is the medical clinic which also is the home of a missionary and the top is where the new school is which has been built since this picture was taken.  You can also zoom out to get a feel for the land and a visual for when I blog in the future!

We have raised/saved up enough money to cover all of our expenses and projects but we are still actively looking for donations to assist in building projects and medical needs.  If you are interested in helping with this and you live in Canada you can send a cheque or cash labeled SHORT TERM MISSIONS – MOESKER   to this link : Pinegrove Baptist Church

Or if you live in the states you can click this link – MUCH Ministries 

2 thoughts on “Roomies-

  1. Hi Angela & Phil:
    Keeping you both in my prayers while you are away…best of everything to you both in your endeavors!
    don’t be fooled by the picture of “Anne Boleyn’ as my avatar — I belong to a group of Anne-admirers, but I’m also a happy member of Pinegrove! 🙂
    May God bless you both, and keep you safe.

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