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How BIG is God

We have been moving forward in our plans for going to Haiti.  We have established that we will be living with a wonderful missionary family.  We will be staying in a quaint 12’X9’ room which is walking distance to a flushing toilet and a stones throw from a working shower!  We will be sharing our meals with the missionary family who also shares their house with groups of 10+ people that stay for one week, and there are teams there 3 out of four weeks of the month.  This will give us great opportunities to get to know many different people in the 3 months that we are staying there.  We get a room, a bathroom, and meals -while living in the Caribbean!  What more can you ask for!?

Our main focus has been on finding a place to stay while we are in Haiti as well as trying to find someone to stay in OUR place while we are away- Finding someone to sublet our house has been significantly more difficult.  After a few days of thinking over my options to find a renter I decided that I would have to post an ad on Kijiji.  After receiving a few responses that I didn’t feel comfortable with I decided that Kijiji was not going to be the place we were going to find someone.

(A few weeks pass)

Last Friday I was changing a set of kitchen taps for a guy who goes to our church.  I was chatting to him about his house, the weather, and our trip to Haiti.  He asked me how our plans were coming, I told him that there was a few things left to figure out- and jokingly asked him if he wanted to rent our house.  Later in the conversation he began talking about how powerful God is.  He told me that in the past he has been in situations that were out of his control and when he involved God in the decisions or the task- the end result is always WAY better than he had ever imagined.  He said “sometimes you have to tell God what you need, even though He already knows what you need you still have to ask for it!”

When I returned home that day I was immediately reminded that we still hadn’t found someone to stay in our house- I was also reminded that I still hadn’t included God in the situation either.  I sat in a comfy chair and told God that it has been difficult for us to rent our house.  I said that the money we would be saving on rent and heating costs in Canada would go a long way if we could spend it on building supplies and medication in Haiti.  (Now here’s the cool part)  I asked God if He would send someone who only needed a place for the winter, and as an added bonus I asked if it would be someone who was family or friends of ours that we trusted.

(God is so cool)

The next day I was sitting in the same comfy chair talking with my parents who were visiting for the weekend.  My aunt came over and she was SUPER excited!  She told us that someone had made an offer on their house on FRIDAY (yes, the day I was praying) and my aunt and uncle had to accept the offer by Saturday evening!  Here’s a little history, my aunt and uncle live in an incredible cottage on a very coveted piece of property on a beautiful lake.  The house has been listed for two summers without success.  After this past summer they decided to take it off the market for another year-  until a Realtor called and told them that a family from Asia saw pictures of the house online and was VERY interested!  Here is where I nearly lost my mind- My aunt told me that the offer they were going to accept stated that they needed to be out of the house as early as Dec 24th and as late as January 30th.  She turned to me and asked “Philip, is this place available while you are gone because we are going to need a place to stay this winter!”  (Like I said- I nearly lost my mind)

I was laying in bed that night thinking about what had happened.  I knew God was big- but I didn’t know that He was SO BIG that he can care so much about the small things in our lives.  And God didn’t just answer my prayers- He answered it in the most perfect and profound way.  Is God so BIG that he guided a family from Asia to purchase my relatives house (that they’ve only seen pictures of) with a closing date that perfectly corresponds with our departure date so that my wife and I can follow a call from God to go to Haiti?  And all of this happened on the same day that I prayed and asked for God to take control of our small circumstance.

The answer is YES- God IS that big.

Sometimes I can’t believe that God can love us so much and this whole event I am reminded that God has an incredible and perfect plan for everyone.  Sometimes the answer doesn’t happen instantly- But God loves to exceed our expectations- and He loves it when we tell people about it too.

(ESV) Jeremiah 29 : 11  For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 In those days when you pray, I will listen.13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

Feel free to share how God has answered your prayers and exceeded your expectations

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