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Haiti Trip Update

I know, I know, you don’t even have to say it-   Where have I been!?  I say, embarrassed to admit, but the busyness of life has gotten the best of me and rather than make up excuses- I’ll cut right to the chase ~

Things have been going very, very smooth with our plans to go to Haiti.  At every obstacle God has provided a way through it or around it, we feel very blessed.  We have also noticed that God has been testing our patience as well as our willingness to commit to this trip, but it is all part of a bigger plan.  

A date has been set- February 9 I don’t quite know when our return date will be yet.  We have committed for three months regardless of what we encounter there, and our return will all depend on convenient timing for the missionaries we are staying with.

We have been very blessed with a church who is equally excited about this trip- our church has decided to let Angela and I become “Agents” so that all donations can be fully tax receiptable.  This was a huge step for us and we know that more people will be able to be involved in our adventure because of it.

We have been given several duffle bags full of medical supplies and Angela is going to ask some local doctors and clinics for unused medical gear.

Angelas wonderful father (who introduced us to haiti in the first place) is coming with us for the first 7-10 days of our trip!  It will be so fun to share the experience with him again, and it will be an added bonus to not have to sit beside a stranger on the airplanes.

And lastly (for now) We have made arrangements with MUCH Ministries to sell crafts in Canada that are produced locally in the village of Jubilee, Haiti  (the very place we plan on working in)  We have purchased many different items from their website and we are hoping to sell every last bit of it as a fundraiser for our trip.  So if you are in the Muskoka, Woodstock, or Chatham area and want to do all of your christmas shopping in 10 minutes or less- let me know, I’ll hook you up.

Heres a link to the site- 

2nd Story Goods

2 thoughts on “Haiti Trip Update

  1. I forgot to mention one more thing! The hospital that Angela is working at transfered her to emerg for the next three months to prep her for the trip! It goes against their typical policy, but it’s another example of God working in our lives.

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