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The Man named Sam, who lived in a Van

This summer I met a man who lived in a van, I invited him in for coffee – I still wonder to this day if he was Jesus…

Let me explain….

I’ve explained in previous posts that my wife and I live in a very, Very small town (it could possibly even be a village)  If I get a haircut, people notice.  When the lady at the post office gets novelty stamps to commemorate prince william and princess kates wedding, people chat about it. So when there was a strange man that pulled into town and set up camp in a VW Vanagon at the public beach for a few days- you know people were talkin-

I was probably the worst offender.  It graded on me for some strange reason, this guy just shows up in a raggedy old van and thinks he can park it wherever he wants, for as long as he likes?  I don’t think so-  I even shamefully admit that I referred to him as a Bum when I talked about him.  But as much as his “free bird” mentality bothered me, it intrigued me even more-  I decided that I was going to bike past his van slowly, but not too slow (I didn’t want to seem nosy)  The van was incredible, some would even say it was vintage.  There was an old bicycle mounted on the back with one flat tire, the side door was wide open and I saw two bare feet perched high up on the back of a seat.  I squeaked my breaks a few times to see if I could get the guys attention, nothing.  I biked past two more times, until I finally got enough courage to bike up to the side of the van.  I awkwardly knocked on the door and the guy slowly got up. I was expecting a long bearded man, messy, and smelly, the classic stereotype of someone in that kind of living arrangement.  But he wasn’t at all.  He was clean shaven, organized, professional, and I got a good feeling about him immediately.  My defences were lowered, and I quickly found out the reason he was there.  He drove until he felt he should stop and he would leave when he felt he should go.

I invited him over for coffee, it was completely out of my comfort zone, but for some reason it just felt right.  I found out a lot about him.  His name was sam, he was a product developer in Toronto and an inventor.  His current project was advancing off-grid lighting and power supply for a organization called Lighting Africa.  He believed in God, only he called him “The Divine”   We discussed our future goals and dreams, we talked about serving others, and forgiveness.  We talked about Jesus, we talked about Fasting.  We talked about Spiritual Healing and personal experiences with God.  We talked about authentically worshiping God, and we talked about creation.  I remember the guilt that crept up, just hours before I had referred to him as being an over entitled bum who lived in a van.

How quickly we judge, and how often we must miss the most incredible opportunities from God.

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me   Matthew 25:35 ESV


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