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Moneer and the Other Poor People

I have come to the conclusion that the hardest part of my day is sitting back and trying to think about what the hardest part of my day was.

I was blessed to have been raised in a home that cared about other people.  I remember as a young child I stared at a picture on our fridge from of a boy from Africa named Moneer.  My sister and I didn’t know much about Moneer other than the fact that he was about our age, he liked to draw, and he was poor.  We always prayed before bed and each meal, always finishing by saying “God please be with Moneer and the other poor people.. Amen”  I remember praying for Moneer and the “other poor people” long after his picture was taken off of our fridge and up went another child.  As a kid, you don’t understand what poor is, you can’t even imagine it.  I thought that “poor” kids didn’t get christmas presents so that’s why we sent them a shoebox full of little gifts.  I had no idea that if I took a 5 minute shower I would be using more water than the average person in a third world country did in a day.  I had no idea that Moneer and the other poor people that were my age were dying because of water related diseases- one kid every 15 seconds to be exact.  And even if I had known those things, what could I have done about it?

One of the things I have experienced, and continue to experience daily, is the power of perspective.  I have been on two trips to two very poor but different countries and my conclusion for both was exactly the same-  The people there were just  – happy.  They were just happy to have food for the day.  They were just happy to have clean water to survive.  They were just happy to be alive. —  And I have envied them every day since I’ve met them…

When you have met someone with that kind of joy in the midst of suffering and poverty your entire world will change.  You won’t believe tv commercials anymore, you won’t believe that retiring will make you happy, you won’t believe that you will be satisfied once you hit that financial goal, or that “all you need is that one more thing..and then you’ll be happy”..  because you know in your heart of hearts that those things always over promise and under deliver every single time.  

I have been obsessed lately with clean water.  I have been researching and watching videos about the haunting but true effects of contaminated water and how it affects health, education, finances, and families in the type of countries that my friend Moneer and those other poor people come from.  I think that God was very intentional in putting me in a career that is teaching me the “how to” for proper water and sanitation.  And I think God was very intentional when He blessed me with a wife who is a nurse that is passionate about helping others with health and well being.  I feel like the “plot” in our movie is thickening and the real story is about to enfold.  But like everyone,  I don’t know where, and I don’t know when or how.  I only know what.   And the more I research it, the more obsessed I become by it, and the more energized and motivated I am because of it..     WATER

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If you are interested in educating yourself about the current water situation in areas other than North America- check these out.



Charity: Water


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