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FAITH- the Giant we face

A few months ago our pastor did a series called Authentic Christianity-  it went on for a few months, and it was deep-  and when I say deep I’m talking about Sunday morning anxiety, make you want to forget to set your alarm, pull a U-ie in the parking lot kind of deep.  Those sermons caused me to wrestle with God more than I ever knew was possible and that is where our plans to go back to Haiti were born-

So through much prayer and wrestling with God my wife and I knew, that we knew, that we knew, without a doubt that we were suppose to go back to Haiti-  We didn’t know why and we didn’t know for how long- we just knew that we had to start there-  So we felt that God was calling us to do something-  Now what?  You can’t just declare “We are going to Haiti!”  And expect everything to fall into place.  There is a bit of planning- and a TON of faith that goes with the decision.

We weren’t able to actually confirm the dates, or even the time frame that we were going until this month, but it didn’t stop us from talking to our friends and family about our “plans” to go.  I was getting so loose lipped about the matter that a friend looked at me and said “Phil, you have to tell your boss- you don’t want him to find out through someone else”   She was right-   And I was worried – I knew that I would basically be telling my boss that I was quitting on a hunch that we would be able to go on this trip  – so I prayed about it-  I didn’t ask God if I could keep my job or that my boss wouldn’t be mad- I just asked that His will be done-   The next day I talked to my boss, I told him what was on our hearts.  He asked me a lot of questions- how long are you going for- (I wasn’t sure)  When are you going (I wasn’t sure)  What about Angela’s job at the hospital (I wasn’t sure)  My boss is a really great guy, although he was confused, he told me that he supported us going, and that was a huge answer to prayer.

God has continued to bless us with more than we could have asked for.  We were given several large EMS bags that were chuck full of medical equipment to give to the nurses in Haiti from our amazing paramedic friend at our Church.   We have also been concerned with money-  Its one thing to try and save for a three month trip- but its quite another thing to save up enough money to allow us to help while we are there!  The passing of my grandfather was very sad, but his wishes for his funeral was that his friends and family donate to Angela and I for our trip to Haiti-  we were given $2310 to purchase plumbing materials and help with other things while we are there.  God answers prayers.

I have been learning a lot about myself through this process and a lot about God as well.  I am learning that having faith is hard – but its mandatory- and when you finally stop fighting and give in to Gods Will your eyes will be opened to see opportunities and blessings from Him.

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