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A day for a DIY Go-Kart

Sunday was the day when I was going to sit down for an undetermined amount of time to figure out the technical end of this blogging thing- because I can only be ignorant to it for so long.  I decided that after I conquered the technical “ins and outs” of the blog I was going to go to the beach and conquer a lemonade as I laid in the sun.


I hear a faint knock on the side door of our house, I knew exactly who it was.  He is 6, he doesn’t take No for an answer, and I knew it was only a matter of seconds until he ran around to the front porch (where I was sitting) to try his luck on that door.

Brisk footsteps..He climbs the steps…he tries several times to open screen door (followed by) “Hey!  The screen door is locked!  I can’t get in!”

My wife and I have learned through various scenarios that if the doors aren’t locked, then the neighbor kids let themselves in -regardless of how uncomfortable, awkward and down right embarrassing the scenario is.  So no matter how many groceries, eggs, or beach stuff we have in our hand- we make darned sure that the doors are locked.  I shouldn’t just blame the kids though, one day their grandma (who is my neighbor also) walked right through our front door with a cigarette in her mouth- WHY you ask?  Simple- because we didn’t answer when she knocked- and the doors weren’t locked-  I rest my case-

Back to the DIY part-

The neighbor boy asked what I was doing-  I said “bloggin, why?”

Blank stare…

He said “Well, remember when you said you had some wheels I could have?”    I nodded   He said  “Do you also remember when you said you would help me make a go-kart today?”

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have a terrible memory- but I don’t think I would forget voluntarily agreeing to take on an ambitious task like building a go-kart from scratch- So I will go ahead and blame it on a strange miscommunication.  Either way- I was trapped on my front porch with a kid who doesn’t take no for an answer-  So we got started on it right away.

I started cutting a 2 foot square out of some plywood and slapped two wheels on it when I started to realize that this “go-kart” wouldn’t be doing much “carting” or steering whatsoever.  I know when I’m beat- so I tried to tell him in the most kind- kindergarten teacher sort of voice- “sorry man, I don’t know how to build one.”

Much to my surprise- my awesome neighbors (on the other side) overheard our conundrum and came over with an old golf bag carrier and something with wheels and a handle and wished us luck as he raced back to his house.

Don’t judge- but that was my first attempt beside the BBQ-

I strongly underestimated the attention span of a 6 year old-    “Helping me make a go-kart” quickly turned into  “I will watch you make me a go-kart”  which rapidly turned into  “I will do everything except help or watch you make me a go-kart”  Which eventually turned into this-


I mean- you can’t blame the poor guy, it must have been exhausting.  To make a long, frustrating afternoon short- the go-kart was a success- and it turned too!  Another neighbor (his older sister) came over while he was quietly resting on our driveway and said to me “you know why he comes over all the time right?  He misses his dad- and you remind him of his dad”

The comment really took me by surprise- and I still don’t know what to say about it-  but, although the door was locked,

I’m still glad I answered it.

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