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A new chapter

I am now a quarter of a century- Yes, that’s right- I turned the big 2 5 – How does if feel you may ask? Well, for those of you who haven’t reached this momentous age yet, It feels exactly the same as 24, as did 23 and 22- with the exception that a lot of people have been asking me “well, now you’re 25! What have you done with your life?!”

Which actually made me wonder- what have I been doing with my life- It seems like just days ago I was sitting in school convincing myself how I would never be needing to use math, science, or history (seeing as I was going to be a professional Ranch hand, chewin tabacki, and riding off into the sunset on my majestic steed.

I remember on my graduation day in grade 8 I was given a bible verse from my teacher to tuck away in my mind as I embraced the world- Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

That verse, out of any other verse that I’ve ever read, has stuck with me. I’ve always known what it says, but it’s really, really cool when I can look back on my life an see how God has been quietly steering me in a certain direction. I may not have known compassion and faith if I hadn’t struggled with anxiety in the past. Or I might have still been living in the town I grew up in, or still dating a girl that I broke up with, and working at a job that I couldn’t stand – If I didn’t get into Plumbing because I had no other options and I hadn’t bought a house that I couldn’t afford making me move back in with my parents, who then started up a company (that they ended up despising) in a city that I couldn’t find a job, which sent me to a company in cottage country, breaking up with a girl because of the distance, eventually going on a missions trip to Africa where I met my future wife, and eventually had inlaws that took us to haiti for their 25th wedding anniversary- where I was able to use my plumbing skills to help others which planted a desire deep in our hearts to continue to help others and will eventually go back to haiti!

If that was confusing for you to read- imagine how I felt!? Never the less- THANK YOU GOD!

So now I am 25, and God has used every mistake that I have made to bring me to where I am right now- and I am so excited to see the roller coaster God has in store for me in these next 25 years!

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